HTC Task Manager

HTC Task Manager 2.0

Take control of your tasks


  • Selective stopping of programs


  • One tap shutdown can be costly


It's always nice to know that no matter what your mobile is doing you are in control by being able to switch between tasks, see what's running, and more often than not what's causing a problem, and shut everything down.

HTC Task Manager is the mobile equivalent of the Ctrl, Alt and Delete magic keyboard combo which gives you complete mobile authority.

With HTC Task Manager you can list all the programs running simultaneously, see the amount of memory being used and the free space available, stop any programs that are causing problems or, if nothing else works, shut everything down at once and return to the main display.

So whatever problem you might have or if your mobile is running suspiciously slowly all you need is HTC Task Manager to ease your worries. One word of warning, you can set the manager so that it requires more than one click on the X to close windows.

A task manager application that lets you customize the way the X button on the corner of the running program windows is acting. Set the X button to end the running programs at a simple tap on it or if you need to take more care set it for several taps.

HTC Task Manager


HTC Task Manager 2.0

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